Sweet Woodruff ‘Galium odoratum’

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Whole plant is scented. Star like white flowers, shows up well in woodland. Also known as Sweetscented bedstraw, wild baby’s breath and master of the woods.

It is widely cultivated for its flowers and its sweet-smelling foliage. the plant is strongly scented, the sweet scent being derived from coumarin.

This scent increases on wilting and then persists on drying, and the dried plant is used in potpourri and as a moth deterrent. From the fresh leaves and stems and using a alum a tan colour can be made with the leaves and out of the stems a red.


Additional information

Sun Preference


Soil Preference

Most Soils OK

Suitable for

Prefers a shady spot.


Offering both nectar and pollen this will attract an array of insect visitors.

Flowering season

April – June

Flowering colour


Eventual height



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