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At Wild Your Garden you’ll find everything
you need to create a vital space for nature using our one-stop shop.

Our plants are grown in the UK by small specialist growers, our highest quality wildlife houses and
bird boxes are custom hand-made in the UK and our suppliers are small family-run businesses that
has used for his own client projects for the last 18 years. 

We use our small businesses not only due to their quality products but because they care as much as we do.

We subsidise several postage charges to bring you a flat rate on
to negate the additional costs of you obtaining products from different suppliers.

If you shop with Wild Your Garden we provide personal, professional advice too!

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A Practical Guide To Create A Wildlife Haven At Home

Discover how to transform your outdoor area into a thriving sanctuary for wildlife using simple, step-by-step projects.

Buy the book from us directly to receive a signed copy!

Hi Dawn,

All received yesterday thanks, brilliant service and I must say the plants were all in great condition and packed really well.
Thank you.
L Rabassa Witham

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for a very successful part one of the gardening project! The pond is fantastic, already attracting wildlife, and I’m grateful for the creativity, knowledge, skill and dedication that Joel has put into this.

I’m looking forward to working with you on future projects.

P Smith
Many thanks for the excellent and personal  service you all give on top of providing much needed and “not on the high street” products.
C Drew

Thanks for getting back to me. I really appreciate you sharing your expertise. Just wanted to say your book is the best one I’ve found on the subject and I’m always recommending it (along with the YT channel of course!)

A McNamara

It is a brilliant book, very clear, accessible, unpretentious and practical, the plant lists are great. It offers lots of opportunities to get involved as local residents and support wildlife in lots of ways in our community.

I Forrester

Many thanks Nikki – can I say how lovely it is to deal with you and Joel. I am so happy I have found a company that are clearly very passionate, so helpful and go the extra mile!

S Williams

I was skeptical about buying seeds online, but Wild Your Garden proved me wrong. Not only did the seeds arrive quickly, but they also germinated beautifully. Now, my garden looks like a scene straight out of a nature magazine. Thank you for bringing nature closer to home Joel and the team!

Karen Davey

Shopping from Wild Your Garden was a delightful experience. The detailed pond liner sizing and advice from Jodie was so helpful!  You made it so easy and together with Joel’s videos, it was hard work – it really was!! – but so rewarding and worth the effort now it’s done.  Thank you Joel, Jodie and the Wild Your Garden Team!

Ian Ward
Joel’s videos are so informative and helpful I think it’s going to be amazing as the pond and garden becomes established.  And thanks for your updates throughout the order it’s such a shame more companies don’t have your standard of customer service you should all be very proud and I’ll recommend you every chance I get.
Dougal MacBurnie

Last year I decided to try your sunflower seeds and have been feeding them consistently for months now with no recurrence of the disease. I just wanted to say that wherever you are getting the sunflower seeds from, keep doing so! Thank you!

Jan Hallett

Hi Jodie, thank you so much for your help in this! You’ve been a brilliant help! Outstanding customer service all the way through, thank you for helping me give my dad his gift on time! It really means a lot.


I’ve been so incredibly inspired by seeing the videos of Joel & the team. Our wildlife pond is in its infancy now but we’re hoping the plants we do have will survive the Scottish winter and have a chance to establish well next spring / summer. Wild Your Garden now has another loyal and satisfied customer.


Amazing!! Great service – spot on. Thanks for all your help and advice: I’ll look into both of those and the Yellow Rattle. I love all the work Wild Your Garden does – it’s really inspiring and great for improving nature.


Ok thankyou very much. Also your website is very good and can’t wait to see the new one and the videos Joel does are excellent. I’ve been watching about a month or so and have planted an area of wild plants and will be adding to it.

P Cook

Hi Jodie,
The plants arrived in perfect condition, thank you.
Great service.


I gifted the Wild Your Garden book to my mum and she’s enthralled and it’s given her something to help plan her garden over these winter months. The seeds bought previously have germinated well and added so much colour and beauty to her garden. The gift that keeps on giving!

Jane Procter

Hi Dawn, I’ve just received my order only placed a few days ago. So amazingly fast! I just wanted to say thanks, these are the first plants I’ve ordered from you (it was seeds last time) and I’m so very impressed with the quality and how they were packed. Thanks for the excellent service once again.

Ben R

Hi Joel, roughly 2 years ago I stumbled across your YouTube channel, at this time I just purchased a house with my wife, it had a big-ish garden with lots of potential. However, it was a boring green canvas. No borders, no trees, NO POND!!! no life. I was inspired and continue to be inspired from your passion in re-wilding.

D Larkins

Please thank Joel for all the additional vital advice, even though I initially bought products elsewhere (which I clearly now regret) he has taken the time to help me and show where I was going wrong, you have a new and loyal customer in me now and I’ll get my order in to you within 48 hours. Thanks again!!

B Joynes

Many thanks indeed, Jodie, for your detailed + very helpful email. I very much appreciate you taking the time to gather and pass on your / Joel’s advice…alongside the various other demands on your time! With my renewed thanks for your on-going assistance.

Padraig Cullen

Honestly couldn’t have made my pond a success without you and the Team, Joel’s help with measurements, species and quantities of plants and general advice has been so helpful and FREE! Shopping with your firm has been a delight, I will send update photos of the visitors very soon. Take care all and thanks again.

James Spencer

Thanks for getting the books to me so speedily, now I have a birthday present and 3 Christmas presents sorted already for this year and can’t wait to share Joel’s knowledge. Thanks for all your help Jodie and the team, really grateful for the signed copies, now to make a list of plants I need, back soon!

Alison Daniels

Wow, that’s service! With all this help I am about to make one huge order, knowing that everything is available in one place has been a bonus and along with Joel’s YouTube channel and the book I feel I can take on the wildlife world! Thanks for helping me and my family make a difference.

S Martins

Just bought your bird seed mix and the sparrows went berserk! Queuing up on the hedge to take their turn on the feeders and no waste at all. This is more expensive than what I used to get at B and M but most of that was left in a pile on the lawn so I think it will be more cost effective really as it is such good quality.


The Wild Your Garden Bird Seed Mix is insanely popular with the birds in our garden (and the squirrels!) they’re practically queuing up at the feeder each day.  Thanks so much for creating a wonderful product!

Peter Barbridge

I’ve tried and now order regularly the Wild Your Garden seed mix, all the birds really love it and it’s delivered to the door so don’t even need to leave the house, definitely recommend it, about to order the flutter butter – excited!

Maureen Moran

Just reading your fantastic book ‘wild your garden’ Joel, a treat I got for myself to help with creating my meadow and pond in my Dublin suburb. A great birthday present for friends too. Congratulations and well done on an excellently researched and enjoyable book that is truly inspiring.

M Doherty

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