Our Director, Joel Ashton

With over 18 years’ experience in designing and creating a wealth of nature reserves, wildlife gardens, ponds, meadows and hard-landscaping projects, Joel has gained an outstanding reputation for not only creating and providing incredible sanctuaries for nature, but also for his extensive knowledge and support to gardeners worldwide on how best to care and provide for wildlife so desperately in need of our help.

The Book

Over the years it has become increasingly apparent that the number of people wanting to make their own spaces for nature is escalating.  In 2019, after working closely with Dorling Kindersley the “Wild Your Garden” book was successfully launched in April 2020, to enable gardeners to glean the knowledge needed to ensure their own gardens for wildlife were successful. 

If you’d like a copy of the “Wild Your Garden” book, signed by Joel, you can purchase it directly from us.


The YouTube Channel

Just before the book launch, the Covid-19 Pandemic hit the UK and lockdown shortly followed. People were stuck at home, their gardens being the only outdoor space they were able to enjoy, and Joel quickly realised that social media could be utilised to encourage people to see their outdoor space not only as a sanctuary for them, but more importantly for nature too.  Also being stuck at home, Joel launched the “Wild Your Garden with Joel Ashton” YouTube channel to help people worldwide and this channel now has over 60k subscribers and over 7 million views.

If you’d like more inspiration and advice, see the library of videos here:


The Wild Your Garden Online Shop

Gardeners now had the knowledge to create successful sanctuaries for nature, but where would they source everything they needed to put these into practice?  For his own projects, Joel had continuously used trusted growers and suppliers for over 18 years, but these specialist companies were unable to supply to the general public.  In 2020 Joel worked closely and extensively with these specialists to ensure that gardeners could obtain the very same products he uses in all his creations, and the Wild Your Garden online shop was created, launching in April 2021. 

Now gardeners have a comprehensive resource for acquiring all of their wildlife garden needs in one place, and also helpful tips and specialist advice.  If you are planning a wildlife garden, a pond, a meadow or anything else to help nature and are purchasing Wild Your Garden trusted products, Joel and the team are happy to give advice and help, just drop us a line at:


Thank you for making a sanctuary for nature, your efforts will be rewarded!

Joel and the Wild Your Garden Team

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