Spring Snowflake ‘Leucojum vernum’ – Autumn planting bulbs

The scientific name means ‘spring white violet’ (Leucojum means ‘white violet’ and vernum means ‘spring’). L. vernum is a widely cultivated, hardy, frost-tolerant plant, notable as a good early nectar and pollen source for bees. Flowers from February to April, and the seeds ripen in July. The flowers are hermaphrodite (having both male and female organs) and are pollinated by bees. Will be shipped from early September as soon as they are ready.  

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15-20 cm. Moist ground in semi-shade preferred. Similar to Summer Snowflake, but as the name suggests it flowers earlier; from February to April, and has scented flowers. Dispatched freshly lifted, when the bulbs are in active growth in the spring. Order year round.

Autumn bulbs held at 2022 prices!

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Bulbs – expected delivery within 4-7 days once available. Autumn planting bulbs will be dispatched from September onwards, unless stated that they are available earlier in the product description. If ordering some that are available now and some in September, your order will be held back and sent out as one.

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