Quality Dried Mealworms – Soak in Spring – 5 Options

Our dried mealworms are the next best thing to live food delivering the same source of protein and fat without the wriggling!  These worms are the larvae of the Flour Beetle, they can be fed all year round but are particularly popular in the breeding season for the fledglings.  During nesting season PLEASE SOAK FIRST so that parent birds are able to bring back some moisture to chicks.  With the decline in insects dried bird food can provide protein, but no dried bird food can provide moisture. The worms can be fed on their own or mixed in with seeds, soaking them in water will make them even more irresistible! Our bird seed products are in paper bags, with no plastic liners. We do however send our items in a plastic outer bag, just to prevent them getting wet during delivery. We will always do our best to avoid plastics wherever it is feasible to do so.

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