English Yew ‘Taxus baccata’ – 8cm pot

Although this tree in ancient times was seen as a symbol of immortality, it is also often associated with "death and doom".  This is one of the longest-living native species of tree in Northern Europe.  Appearing near churches and graveyards may well have given it the associations over time. That aside, the fruit from these trees offer a valuable food source for many birds and also when grown as hedging, its densely packed design provides much shelter and protection for a variety of birds. It can live for up to 900 years!


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If using as a hedge: All species in a wildlife hedge can be cut back or “Coppiced” without harm. In the 1st year after establishment the hedge can be cut back to stimulate growth of the hedge from the base thereafter cut every 2-3 years. If the weather is unsuitable for planting or receiving the hedging, dig a hole and bury the roots of the bunched plants, they can be held like that till planting. After planting it is advantageous to mulch the hedge with lawn mowing or leaf mould to suppress weeds and also be done with plastic or carpet cuts and covered with soil.

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