WoodStone Frog and Toad House


The WoodStone® Frog and Toad House provides a safe refuge for frogs and toads, whose preferred damp garden habitats have been greatly reduced in recent years. This shelter has been purposely designed to create a damp and shady corner, perfect for amphibians seeking refuge from the summer sun or for hibernation in the winter. The Frog and Toad House is manufactured from longlasting WoodStone®, a mixture of FSC Certified wood fibres and concrete and enables the shelter to provide a stable temperature with excellent breathability to avoid moisture build up. Encouraging frogs and toads into your garden will aid in reducing slug and snail numbers and as they are declining across Europe, they are fantastic visitors to your garden.

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The WoodStone® Frog and Toad House is available in an attractive green colour to complement your garden. Dimensions: (H) 90 x (W) 310 x (D) 310, weight: 2.7 kg.

Siting: Site your Frog and Toad House on the ground in a shaded spot, near a pond or damp area, out of direct sun.



* Height: 90 mm
* Width: 310 mm
* Depth: 310 mm
* Weight: 2.7 kg
* Material: WoodStone®

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