NEW! Wild Your Garden Winter Roost Box – Heavy Duty Handmade in UK – Fully Assembled


Over harsh winters we can lose up to HALF of our smaller bird populations.  Wrens and Long Tailed Tits, along with other species roost in groups at night to conserve warmth.  Joel has been working with our specialist box builder to create these custom boxes, and ensure that you can provide a safe and warm place to help these birds survive.  Birds do roost, where possible, in nest boxes but traditional boxes have the hole at the top (allowing heat to escape), smooth sides internally and nowhere to perch.  These boxes allow multiple roosting and help our birds huddle together to share the warmth!
Joel is working with our specialist box builder to bring a further range of roost boxes to you and we'll let you know when they're ready via our newsletter and social media.  Sign up to our newsletter to receive information on these and other products, along with the usual advice from Joel.
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Developed to protect Sparrows, Tits and all small birds throughout the cold winter months. Five internal perches allow birds to huddle up and stay dry and warm.

Built from our sturdy 18mm sustainably sourced ply, these boxes can be mounted on a wall, tree or fence – anywhere that is sheltered and out of prevailing winds. The 38mm front entry hole means a host of small bird species can use the box.

The construction of the roosting box is all tongue and groove, and the front panel is rebated. This keeps out drafts and rain, even in the worst of weather. Four drainage holes in the bottom mean that in the unlikely event that water does get in, it can drain out.

The roosting box can be hung using the pre-drilled mounting hole at the top of the box. We suggest hanging it in a sheltered area of your garden and ensuring the flight path to and from the box is clear and cat free.

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