Wild Your Garden Bird Seed – Highest Quality 100% No Waste!

Tried and tested - this wonderful NO WASTE mix has been created and specially blended, exclusively for "Wild Your Garden" after much liaising with Joel.  Containing a splendid mix of seed and suet this has been designed to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden.  See Joel's recent YouTube video "How I'll Be Helping Wildlife This Winter" to see him explain about why this feed is so good for so many bird species.
Check out our special offer when buying 2 x 13kg sacks of this special mix!
This mix has been created so that it can be used as both a ground and bird feeder mix and contains the following very attractive seeds and suet:
Peanut Granules 10%
White Millet 16%
Canary Seed 5%
Sunflower Hearts 17%
Kibbled Maize 17%
Red Dari 15%
Pinhead Oats 15%
Suet Pellets 5%
Designed to be of benefit to birds all year round.  However, particularly in the Spring, also ensure you are providing natural habitat that encourages insects and caterpillars which will ensure the young of many garden species have sufficient moisture - moisture that no seed mix can provide.
Our bird seed products are in paper bags, with no plastic liners. We do however send our items in a plastic outer bag, just to prevent them getting wet during delivery. We will always do our best to avoid plastics wherever it is feasible to do so.

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