Wild Honeysuckle ‘Lonicera periclymenum’

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Honeysuckle also known as Woodbine.  It is a vigorous deciduous twining climber, occasionally keeping its old leaves over winter. Its flowers are highly scented by night, much less so by day.  The plant is usually pollinated by moths or long-tongued bees and develops bright red berries.

It is one of several honeysuckle species valued in the garden, for its ability to twine around other plants, or to cover unsightly walls or outbuildings; and for the intense fragrance of its profuse flowers in summer.  It needs to be planted with its roots in the shade, and its flowering top in sun or light shade.

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Deciduous woody climber. Flowers cream, deepening to orange-buff, with crimson tinge on outside. Very sweetly scented. Woodland plant. June-September.

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2 litre pot, 9cm Pot