Wild Daffodil ‘Narcissus pseudonarcissus lobularis’ – Spring ‘in the green’ bulbs

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The wild daffodil is smaller than horticultural varieties with pale yellow flowers, with a darker central trumpet. The long, narrow leaves are slightly greyish green in colour and rise from the base of the stem. The plant grows from a bulb. The flowers produce seeds, which when germinated, take five to seven years to produce a flowering plant. Flowers March-April

Plant pointy end up, 10-15cm (4-6in) inches deep with three to four inches between each bulb.  Dead-head the flowers, but do not be tempted to cut back or tidy the foliage after flowering as this will interfere with the bulbs ability to store energy for the following year’s flower. Likes full sun or partial shade and well drained soil.

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Narcissus pseudonarcissus lobularis also known as the Lent Lily. Height 22-37 cm. Nodding flowers smaller than garden subject. Moist soil in wood or meadow. Flowers Feb-April. Dispatched freshly lifted, when the bulbs are in active growth in the spring.


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Mar & Apr