Sweet Cicely ‘Myrrhis odorata’

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Pleasantly aromatic white umbellifer. Distinctive fruits 2 cm long and dark shiny brown. Myrrhis odorata, with common names cicely , sweet cicely, myrrh, garden myrrh, and sweet chervil, A tall perennial plant that can grow to 2 meters tall.

The plant is softly hairy and smells strongly of aniseed when crushed. Its leaves are sometimes used as a herb, either raw or cooked, with a rather strong taste reminiscent of anise. The roots and seeds also are edible. Additionally, it has a history of use as a medicinal herb.


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Sun Preference


Soil Preference

Most Soils OK

Suitable for

Prefers shade.


Offering both nectar and pollen this will attract an array of insect visitors.

Flowering season

May – June

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