Starling Nest Box


Starlings have recently become a conservation concern due to their drastic decline in numbers and by providing nesting space for them in your garden you benefit from theim providing natural pest control, limiting the numbers of crane flies, green oak leaf rollers and gypsy moths.

This starling box is purpose designed with a 45mm opening and made from exterior quality resin bonded plywood to offer a durable nesting site for starlings, It is manufactured with surface sunk coated staples to resist rusting and finished with a non-toxic water repellent finish. The hinged roof provides convenient access for cleaning and there are drainage holes in the floor.



This nest box can be fixed to a wall, fence, tree or building in a position which is not exposed to full sun or prevailing wind/rain. Site approximately 3 – 4 metres above ground level where there is easy flight access and where it cannot be reached by cats or other potential predators. Boxes can be cleaned out in October/November. Any flees or other parasites that have built up should be killed off with boiling water and any unhatched eggs should be removed.