Spotted Hawkweed ‘Hieracium maculatum’

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Yellow flowers, attractive spotted leaves.

Spotted hawkweed is a native to central and western Europe.

It is a perennial that grows as a dense rosette with basal leaves that are 3 to 5 inches long and ovate with grey green colouration marked with camouflage marked blotches of reddish-brown. It can spread sideways from the clump but only seems to only creep along in this fashion, forming a tight but slowly expanding clump.

The flowering panicle appears in mid spring and grows from 8 to 30 inches tall. It is irregularly branched with 20 to 30 yellow blooms produced per panicle. The blossoms are to an inch across and composed of flat florets that are followed in a few days by an inch-wide puffball similar to dandelion.

Hawkweeds are named such due to the ancient Greek name for the plants and the modern Latin name, no doubt based on the way the seeds leave the plants and was taken from the Greek name for a falcon. This genus is distributed everywhere in the northern hemisphere.



Additional information

Sun Preference

Sun either Partial or Full

Soil Preference

Most Soils OK

Suitable for

Prefers a sunny spot.


A variety of insects and pollinators.

Flowering season

June onwards

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