Solitary Bee Hotel

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The Solitary Bee Hotel is an attractive addition to the wildlife friendly garden, specifically designed to attract solitary nesting bees and similar insects. Built from sustainably sourced timber and bamboo to provide a variety of hole apertures that provide perfect homes for a variety of the nearly 250 solitary bee species found in the UK, it is a wonderful way to support these important pollinators in your garden.

Comes in small, medium or large sizes.

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Simply site the box in a visible warm place at least 1m from the ground, ideally oriented to face between southeast and south and to catch some sun. It is helpful to have soil nearby, and food sources such as flowers, orchards and fruit. You’ll be able to watch as solitary bees take residence, blocking off the openings with mud as they lay eggs and rear their young within.


Available in three sizes (W x D x H):

Small: 150mm x 160mm x 250mm

Medium:150mm x 160mm x 300mm

Large: 150mm x 160mm x 360mm

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Bee Hotel Size

Small, Medium, Large


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