NEW! Wild Your Garden Robin Box – Heavy Duty Handmade in UK – Fully Assembled

15 x 15 x 22 cm

Our Robin Box is designed to provide the perfect home for these delightful songbirds. Handcrafted with attention to every detail, this nesting box is specifically tailored to meet the nesting requirements of robins, ensuring they thrive in your garden.

Built from high-quality sustainable timber our Robin Box is built to withstand the elements while blending into your garden environment. Its robust 18mm ply construction and precise design provide excellent insulation from excessive heat and cold, keeping the nest protected.

Designed with the needs of robins in mind, this nesting box features a gently sloping roof, providing ample space for nest building inside. The larger entrance is perfectly sized to suit the robin’s preference.

Installing our Robin Nesting Box is quick and easy. There is no easy hang system for this box, it only requires a sturdy screw into the back of the box to hang.

By choosing our Robin Box, you are providing a safe nesting place for robins and actively contributing to their conservation and the preservation of biodiversity in your garden. Enjoy the delightful melodies and beauty of robins up close, and create a haven for these beloved garden visitors.

Please note at this busy time of year, delivery of this item could be circa 3 weeks, however we will do our best to ship it quicker if at all possible. Thank you for your patience.


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Placing your Robin Box:

  1. Height: Hang the robin box at a low height, ideally around 1 to 2 meters (3 to 6 feet) above the ground. Robins typically like nesting in shrubs, hedges, or low tree branches, with lots of cover.

  2. Sheltered and Hidden: Robins seek out sheltered and hidden spots for nesting, providing them with a sense of security. Hang the box near dense vegetation, shrubs, or low tree branches, which can offer natural cover for the nesting robins.

  3. Orientation: Face the nesting box towards a direction that provides protection from prevailing winds and harsh weather conditions. Positioning it away from direct sunlight will help maintain a comfortable temperature inside the box.

  4. Clear Flight Path: Ensure there is a clear flight path for the robins to easily access the nesting box. Avoid placing obstacles or branches that could hinder their approach. Also make sure there is a ‘cat free’ area in front of the box.

  5. Quiet Area: Choose a location away from high-traffic areas or places with frequent human disturbance. Robins prefer quieter environments for nesting, as it reduces stress and increases their chances of successful breeding.

  6. Nearby Food Sources: Consider hanging the robin box near a reliable source of food, such as a bird feeder or a garden with insects and berries. This proximity will provide convenience for the nesting pair when foraging for food to feed their young.

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