Protective Fleece Underlay 250gsm

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Our protective fleece underlay (250gsm) is ideal for use with small and medium sized ponds to prevent your liner being damaged whilst being installed and during its use. Completely UV, rot and weather resistant, it is extremely safe for all pond and marine life.

For all of the ponds we create, we use fleece liner underneath the EPDM liner and then also again on top of it, so double quantities are required if you wish to follow Joel’s method.  However, you don’t have to add this additional layer of protection if you would prefer not to.

Watch one of Joel’s videos on YouTube for instructional videos on how to create your pond.

Click on the blackbird image in the gallery for a quick link to Part 1 of Joel’s instructional video on creating your own wildlife pond.

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Calculating the size of your liner and fleece
To calculate the size of your liner and fleece, it is best to use a rope.
1. Measure the pond length (max), add double the pond depth (max), then add 1 meter for the edging.
2. Measure the pond width (max), add double the pond depth (max), then add 1 meter for the edging.

For example – if your pond is 5m long x 3m wide x 1m deep, you will need a liner that is 8m x 6m.

We can provide fleece (and liners) in a vast array of sizes, please get in touch if you are after fleece larger than those sizes listed and we can provide a price for you.

Email – for more information.

The fleece comes in a 2m width, so please bear this in mind when calculating the amount of fleece needed.

Additional information

Fleece Size

2m x 5m, 2m x 10m, 2m x 30m, 2m x 150m