PEAT FREE Skullcap ‘Scutellaria galericulata’ SUPER PLUGS

We've worked hard with our specialist grower and are so pleased to be able to now offer these SUPER PLUGS, much bigger than the industry standard, healthy and ready to join you to form an important part of any wildlife garden.

Varying in colour from a deep purple, violet and to pale blue, this plant has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It is still used today in herbal medicine via teas to combat and alleviate stress and anxiety.

Skullcap belongs to the mint family of plants, and the Latin name means "little dish".

Although there is a minimum order requirement of 8 plugs when purchasing specific species, if selecting our Super Plug Bespoke Pack, you can select up to 4 species of your choice from our given list to make up a 16 pack (or greater), allowing you a wider choice of plug species if 8 of one is too many.  Find the link to our Super Plug Bespoke Pack here!

These specimens are available in 8 pack, 16 pack, 32 pack and 48 pack and they're ready to be shipped to you in a few days.  If you need ANY advice on planting or suitable plants for a specific area, please remember that as a Wild Your Garden customer you're entitled to free professional and tailored advice from our founder, Joel.

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Flowering from June to September, Skullcap loves a damp place in a garden and is perfect for those wanting a beautiful plant that doesn’t grow too tall around the margins of a pond or those difficult damp areas within a garden. Found in the UK alongside riverbanks and on marshes  and in fenland areas of the UK.  This plant is vital for the Skullcap Leaf Beatle as it is its only larval food plant.  Long-tongued bees will be particularly attracted to this plant.

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