Joel’s Summer Flowering Pack – WYG Special!

This special pack recommended by Joel contains the following species, either as a pack of 3, 5 or 7 x 9cm pots, ready for planting straight into your garden.

Pack of 3 - 1 x Lesser Knapweed, 1 x Evening Primrose, 1 x Marjoram

Pack of 5 - 1 x Lesser Knapweed, 1 x Evening Primrose, 1 x Marjoram, 1 x Red Valerian, 1 x Lady's Bedstraw

Pack of 7 - 2 x Lesser Knapweed, 2 x Red Valerian, 1 x Marjoram, 1 x Evening Primrose, 1 x Lady's Bedstraw  

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For a little more information on each of Joel’s recommended species, please read as follows…

Lesser Knapweed

Common, Black or Lesser Knapweed, Thistle-like purple flowers, looks good with ox-eye daisies.

Common/Lesser Knapweed


Evening Primrose

Biennial with large scented flowers (7cm across) on tall spikes loved by moths. Excellent for the back of a summer border. Also know as the Evening star or Sun drop, almost all parts of the evening primrose are edible and medically or cosmetically applicable. This includes the roots, leaves, blossoms, flower buds and seeds.

Evening Primrose



Aromatic perennial with masses of dark purple buds turning to paler flowers, a good butterfly plant. This small white or purple-flowered perennial is commonly called oregano. It is a widely used herb in Greek and Italian cuisine and is often used in tomato dishes, salads and with grilled meats, together with basil.

Wild Marjoram


Red Valerian 

An absolute magnet for many species of insects. This is a perfect plant if you want to attract Hummingbird Hawkmoths to your garden. Did you know that Hummingbird Hawkmoths visit the same flowers at the same time, like clockwork, every day?
Plant this and let us know if you see some and whether they’re good time-keepers! Highly attractive to bees and butterflies this plant is perfect for a hot sunny spot and has the benefit of repeat flowering.

Red Valerian



Lady’s Bedstraw

Used in victorian times to scent bedding. Delicately whorled leaves and bright golden Beautiful sweet scent in high summer. Galium verum lady’s bedstraw or yellow bedstraw in the past, the dried plants were used to stuff mattresses, as the coumarin scent of the plants acts as a flea repellant. The flowers were also used to coagulate milk in cheese manufacture and, in Gloucestershire, to colour the cheese double Gloucester. The plant is also used to make red (roots) madder-like and yellow (flowers) dyes. A favourite, as the name suggests, of the Bedstraw Hawkmoth – opposite a caterpillar making the most of it and the adult form.

Lady’s Bedstraw




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