NEW! I Love Hedgehogs Improved Special Food – 2KG

I Love Hedgehogs™

Hedgehog food made for our favourite mammal

Nutritious and delicious, this is an ideal complementary food to help hedgehogs thrive. In step with latest research, it has an improved carefully balanced level between calcium and phosphorus for better bone health and is tooth-friendly with no sticky sultanas and reduced honey. Whenever we learn a little more about what’s best for hedgehogs, we improve the recipe. Today there’s no sticky fruit that can harm teeth and only a tiny touch of honey. We ensure it has a ratio of no more than *2 parts phosphorus to 1 part calcium* in case this matters for hedgehogs’ bone health. Importantly, there is no single ingredient that is too much if a hedgehog chooses it over all the others. **Serve a little, sparingly - as you would a treat – in a dish or bowl and always offer fresh water nearby, too. For further important information on this improved product, please see below:  


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How should I use it?


Feed from a shallow sided dish and only a little at a time as a complement to hedgehogs’ natural diet. They will find it while foraging widely across several gardens each night. It is always a good idea to offer water nearby, too.


What makes it so suitable for hedgehogs?


I Love Hedgehogs™ is high in calories and very nutritious. It helps hedgehogs gain weight before and after hibernation, and is a useful source of extra protein, vitamins and minerals. Because it contains no cheap fillers, it makes the best use of hedgehogs’ foraging time. And being a mixed blend, there is no excessive concentration of any single ingredient.


Does it contain mealworms?


No. Mealworms are an excellent food but have a poor calcium/phosphorus ratio

of 1:18. Instead we use calci worms, the larvae of the black soldier fly. Although they are lower in protein than mealworms, they are much higher in fat and calories and have a perfect calcium/phosphorus ratio of 2:1.


Does it contain peanuts and sunflower seeds?


Yes. Both are safe for hedgehogs and high in fat and protein. However, to maintain a safe calcium/phosphorus ratio, we ensure the quantities we include are not too much if a hedgehog ignored every other ingredient. We are not aware of hedgehogs gorging on a single ingredient – they are all attractive and tasty – but we prefer to be on the safe side.


What else does it contain?


Our unique blend includes ground walnuts, dried meat, sunflower hearts, freeze-dried calciworms and daphnia, cereals, oils & fats, and a touch of honey.


Can it cause metabolic bone disease?


No, it cannot. It is not clear what might cause the symptoms of this disease in hedgehogs and there is no evidence that it is a widespread problem. However, it is known that a lack of calcium (sometimes the result of excessive dietary phosphorus) can cause the disease in mammals (including humans), so we ensure I Love Hedgehogs™ has a safe ratio of no more than 2 parts phosphorus to 1 part calcium.


What makes it better than cat food?


Cat and dog foods usually have additives to give them high levels of vitamins such as A and D. This is based on research into the requirements of domestic pets. It is not clear that hedgehogs in the wild need such large amounts of these vitamins, so we recommend caution. Whenever you offer food to hedgehogs, it is safest if it is not overly processed and contains a blend of ingredients. And because it is intended to be a supplement to their natural diet, only offer a little at a time.

**Serve a little sparingly – as you would a treat – in a dish or bowl and offer fresh water nearby, too.


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