House Sparrow Terrace FSC Nest Box


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A shortage of natural nesting sites is thought to be a contributing factor in the decline of many of our once-common bird species. Providing a nest box in your garden is a fantastic way to encourage them to breed and improve their chances of survival.

The House Sparrow Terrace is a wide box which is split into three chambers and which will thereby provide nesting space for three pairs. This is particularly important for these birds as they are very social and like to nest in a colony. House sparrow numbers have undergone a dramatic decline in the UK and parts of Europe, with lack of suitable nesting sites thought to be one of the key drivers. Providing a secure nesting site and warm overwinter roosting site could greatly aid in increasing adult and nestling survival.



This box is made from FSC certified timber and has an attractive flamed surface and black roof. It should be sited on the wall of a building between 1.5 and 5.5m above ground, preferably avoiding areas that are exposed to strong sunlight or prevailing winds. Siting boxes near to vegetation is helpful for young birds taking their first flights.

The box may be cleaned out during winter after any inhabitants have left. If you wish to wash the box at the same time we would recommend using only hot water.

Height 305 mm, Width 410 mm, Depth 150 mm, Weight 2.9kg.