House Martin Nests

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House Martins build nests constructed from mud under the eaves of buildings often in colonies averaging five nests. Unfortunately, changes to house construction and roof design mean that suitable nest sites have dramatically declined. Providing an artificial nest provides a great alternative and House Martins will readily use artificial nests and encourage other birds to nest nearby. These House Martin Nests have been specially designed to appeal to House Martins and are constructed from exterior grade plywood and WoodStone, a mixture of FSC wood fibres and concrete. The backing to the nests is exterior grade plywood, making them lightweight and easy to fit, but hard-wearing. These nests should be sited underneath the eaves on exterior walls of your house or outbuildings, at a minimum height of 2m above the ground.



The House Martin Nests are available in single units, with either a right-hand or left-hand entrance or as a double unit with two nests side by side.

* Single Nests – dimensions (H) 115 x (W) 200 x (D) 160mm, weight: 900g
* Double Nests – dimensions (H) 115 x (W) 380 x (D) 160mm, weight 1.8kg


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Left Hand Entrance, Right Hand Entrance, Double Entrance