NEW! Wild Your Garden Hedgehog Feeding Station – Large Heavy Duty – UK Handmade – Fully Assembled


W57 x D39 x H24 cm

The Station features a central feeding compartment with two baffled entrances, hinged painted roof and is raised from the ground for ventilation.  No camera included with this box but stay tuned - we have an announcement re these!

Made from our 18mm Finnish ply with all its weather/fungal/insect-resistant properties, our hedgehog boxes feature a predator-proof tunnel entrance, hinged painted roof and are raised from the ground for ventilation. The spacious interior provides ample room to keep hedgehog food and water out of the elements and prevent other animals such as cats, dogs, foxes or badgers from stealing the hedgehog’s food.

By providing a Hedgehog Box in your garden, you actively contribute to the conservation and protection of these persecuted and vital animals. Enjoy the sight of hedgehogs exploring your garden, knowing that you are providing a valuable sanctuary for them.

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Placing Your Box:

1. Optimal Location: Place the Hedgehog Box in a quiet and undisturbed area of your garden, away from direct sunlight and strong winds. Hedgehogs prefer secluded spots for nesting and resting.

2. Ground Level: Position the box at ground level, ensuring easy access for hedgehogs. You can partially bury the box to create a more natural environment.

3. Vegetation Cover: Surround the Hedgehog Box with vegetation, such as shrubs or low-growing plants, to provide additional camouflage and protection.

4. Safe Entry and Exit: Ensure there are no obstacles obstructing the entrance or exit of the box. Create a clear path for hedgehogs to come and go freely.

Create a haven for hedgehogs, observe their nighttime activities, and play an active role in their conservation efforts.

Please note delivery will be around circa 3 weeks if not sooner.

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