Gypsywort ‘Lycopus europaeus’

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Small bell shaped purple dotted white flowers in whorls. Common names gypsywort, gipsywort, bugleweed, European bugleweed and water horehound. It grows along the borders of lakes, ponds and streams as well as in canals and marshes.

Can be used to make a black dye. The plant was used as an astringent and as a sedative in the treatment of anxiety.


Additional information

Sun Preference

Sun either Partial or Full

Soil Preference

Most Soils OK

Suitable for

Likes damp, moist soil. Great for a garden pond edge or bog garden where the plants will attract a wide range of insects such as bees, dragonflies and damselflies.


Bees, Dragonflies & Damselflies

Flowering season

June – September

Flowering colour


Eventual height



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