Greenseal PondGard EPDM Rubber Pond Liners – 1mm thickness – 8.5m x 6.5m


The correct choice and installation of the liner is probably the most important part in the construction of a pond. We stock the highest quality liners in commercial grades and thicknesses. This 1mm thick rubber liner is probably the toughest and most durable material available and is ideal for small and large ponds. Hard to damage, we recommend it in any situation where brickwork, rockwork and heavy construction are involved. To improve the speed of service, our specialist partner now hold large quantities of pre-cut Firestone liner in stock.  We also stock Greenseal liners which are an equally fantastic product to use.  Joel personally uses Firestone for his projects as preference, however will use Greenseal happily when Firestone isn’t available.  They are both excellent products.

Dispatch will be within 7-10 days of ordering.

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Calculating the size of your liner and fleece
To calculate the size of your liner and fleece, it is best to use a rope.
1. Measure the pond length (max), add double the pond depth (max), then add 1 meter for the edging.
2. Measure the pond width (max), add double the pond depth (max), then add 1 meter for the edging.

For example – if your pond is 5m long x 3m wide x 1m deep, you will need a liner that is 8m x 6m.

We can provide liner in a vast array of sizes, please get in touch if you are after a liner larger than those listed and we can provide a price for you.

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