FSC Wooden Swift Box


**Usually shipped within 2-4 weeks**

Swifts reside in the UK for three months each summer and nest most commonly in the eaves and gables of our buildings. Many modern and renovated buildings are not suitable for swifts and their future survival may be threatened unless we take action. Providing nest boxes for these amazing birds is a great way to ensure that they continue to herald our summer for many years to come.



The FSC Wooden Swift Nest Box is a single compartment nest box designed to be located under the eaves of a house. The oval entrance hole and sloping roof are specifically designed to attract swifts, and the traditional design means it will look great in any garden. The mounting panels and opening for the box are situated on the side which allows the nest box to be sited directly beneath the eaves. This swift box has a 28mm high entrance hole, designed to exclude starlings from occupying the nest. Starlings can be aggressive towards swifts and deter them from nesting in boxes.

Swifts usually arrive in the UK during May; consequently, it’s a good idea to get the box sited before then. Boxes should be fixed at least five metres above the ground and in a location that ensures a clear flight path for swifts to access the entrance hole. The box should also be placed in a position that protects it from the midday sun and preferably from the worst of the wet weather. It is important to ensure that it is not accessible to predators such as cats and squirrels. The box can be fixed in place using screws or nails.

It is advisable to clean out nest boxes during October/November. Any unhatched eggs should be removed and boiling water can be used to effectively kill fleas and parasites.