Eco Kent Bat Box


The Eco Kent Bat Box is based on the popular and proven Kent Bat Box design. However, this box has an added weatherproof outer shell, making it more secure and long-lasting. The additional plastic layer also reduces draughts inside the box, thus providing a more attractive roosting environment for bats.

The Eco Kent Bat Box is suitable for crevice-dwelling species. The two crevices inside the box are approximately 18mm wide, ideal for common and soprano pipistrelles. The FSC-certified spruce wood is roughly sawn on the inside, providing good grip for bats once inside the box. This box is self-cleaning and does not require any maintenance, as the droppings fall straight down out of the bottom entrance.


** Usually dispatched within 1-2 months**



These bat boxes can be mounted on either a tree or building using the three concealed keyhole fixings located at the top of the box. If possible, site the box at a height of between 4m and 6m in a sheltered sunny place, away from artificial light sources. The box should not be positioned in direct sunlight. Ideally, several boxes should be placed facing different directions, as this provides a choice for roosting bats. A clear path to the entrance of the box is essential.

Please note: All bats and roosts are protected by law and you should only inspect a bat box if you hold an appropriate licence.