Brecon FSC Nest Box – 32mm


Environmental changes such as urbanisation and deforestation have contributed to a shortage of natural nesting sites and has played a part in the decline of many UK native bird species. This FSC-certified wood nest box provides a man-made alternative to help conserve our wild birds.

This box is an ideal addition to any wildlife garden and comes in two hole size options depending on the species you wish to attract. The 32mm entrance hole will attract a wide range of garden birds including great tits, house sparrows and nuthatches.

The boxes are easy to mount with a metal plate at the rear with a hole that can be used to loop over a simple nail or screw. These boxes can be installed on a tree or wall and should be placed two to four meters above ground. There should be a clear flight path to the entrance hole and the boxes should be placed so that the entrance is not exposed to strong sunlight or winds. The box also features a side cleaning flap for easy access.




20cm x 16cm x 27cm

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