Beech ‘Fagus sylvatica’ – Bare Root

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Known as the Queen of British trees, the Beech is home to rare wildlife and when sitting under its leafy canopy, you could feel a thousand miles away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Once fully matured, these trees can grow to a height of 40m and develop a huge crown like appearance.

Beech woodland provides an important habitat for many butterflies.

The beech tree can live for up to 300 years.

Purchase this as part of a pack of 10, 50 or 100 bare root trees. All specimens will be 3 year old plants, around 60-80cm tall.

60cm spiral guards and 90cm bamboo canes are recommended for each plants to protect from rabbit damage.

Can be planted as individual trees or used to create wildlife friendly hedging.




If using as a hedge: All species in a wildlife hedge can be cut back or “Coppiced” without harm. In the 1st year after establishment the hedge can be cut back to stimulate growth of the hedge from the base thereafter cut every 2-3 years. If the weather is unsuitable for planting or receiving the hedging, dig a hole and bury the roots of the bunched plants, they can be held like that till planting. After planting it is advantageous to mulch the hedge with lawn mowing or leaf mould to suppress weeds and also be done with plastic or carpet cuts and covered with soil.

Additional information

Sun Preference

Usually found in dense woodland.

Soil Preference

chalky or limestone varieties., loamy, Prefers free-draining soils

Eventual Height



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