Bee Brick

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The Bee Brick can be used in place of a standard brick or block in construction to create habitat for solitary bees. Alternatively, it can be used as a standalone bee house in your garden or wild patch. It will provide much needed nesting space for solitary bee species such as red mason bees and leafcutter bees, both of which are non-aggressive.

Each Bee Brick contains cavities in which solitary bees can lay their eggs before sealing the entrance with mud and chewed-up vegetation. The offspring will emerge the following spring and the cycle will begin again. Each cavity goes part way into the brick, which is solid at the back.

Bee Bricks are made in Cornwall in England using the waste material from the Cornish China clay industry. 75% of the brick is made from recycled materials and concrete, making it both strong and environmentally friendly.



Bee Bricks should be placed in a warm sunny spot on a south-facing wall at a minimum height of 1m, with no vegetation obstructing the holes. It is highly recommended that bee-friendly plants should be located nearby so that the bees using the bricks have food, otherwise it is unlikely that the brick will be used. Lavender, honeysuckle and buddleia are all pollinator-friendly plants.

Available in a choice of four colours: white grey, dark grey, yellow and red.


* Material: Concrete
* Origin: Cornwall, UK
* Dimensions: W 215mm x D 105mm x H 65mm
* Weight: 2.9kg
* Colours: White grey, yellow, dark grey and red

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White Grey, Dark Grey, Yellow, Red