Wild Your Garden Barn Owl Duplex – Plate Mounted – Heavy Duty – Fully Assembled

75 x 38 x41

Our Barn Owl Box Duplex uses Nigel Lewis's highly successful MK7 design developed for the Hawk Conservancy Trust. This box is thoughtfully crafted to provide a secure and comfortable nesting space for Barn Owls, ensuring their well-being and successful breeding.

The Barn Owl Box Duplex incorporates a separate compartment for the male owl when the young are in the nest. This design allows for better protection and enables optimal conditions for the female and the owlets. Extra protection is provided by the offset access, specifically designed to deter jackdaws and other potential threats.

For ease of monitoring and maintenance, the Barn Owl Box Duplex features a rear-hinged door that allows direct access to the nesting chamber. This enables low-contact access when absolutely necessary.

Please note at this busy time of year, delivery of this item could be circa 3 weeks, however we will do our best to ship it quicker if at all possible. Thank you for your patience.


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Installing the box is quick and easy. The mounting plate (included) slots into a hole on the backside of the box. This allows you to mount the plate, then offer up and attach the box. A much easier process than trying to mount the box directly. The box comes with clear instructions and all the necessary fixings for quick and hassle-free installation. Installation services are also available, please get in touch.

Constructed with high-quality and sustainably sourced 18mm ply, our Barn Owl Box Duplex is built to withstand the elements and provide a durable and secure nesting space for Barn Owls. The design incorporates features that mimic the natural environment of Barn Owls, ensuring their comfort and promoting successful breeding.

By choosing our Barn Owl Box Duplex, you actively contribute to the conservation of these magnificent birds and support their populations. Witness the enchanting sight of Barn Owls as they grace your outdoor space, knowing that you have provided them with a safe haven.

Placing Your Box:

1. Optimal Height: Hang the Barn Owl Box Duplex at a height of 3 to 5 meters (10 to 16 feet) from the ground, providing Barn Owls with a suitable height for flight and easy access to the box. They prefer nesting sites that are as high up as possible.

2. Sheltered Location: Position the box in a sheltered spot, ideally near open fields, meadows, or areas with low vegetation where Barn Owls prefer to hunt. Ensure the box is placed away from high human traffic areas to minimise disturbance.

3. Orientation: Face the entrance of the box away from prevailing winds, typically towards the east or southeast, to provide protection from strong winds and harsh weather conditions. This helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside the box.

4. Clear Flight Path: Ensure there are no obstacles, such as wires or tree branches, obstructing the flight path to the box. Barn Owls require a clear approach and departure route for easy access.

5. Nearby Hunting Ground: Consider the proximity of suitable hunting grounds for Barn Owls, such as open fields or grasslands with populations of small mammals. Providing easy access to food sources enhances the attractiveness of the nesting site.

By providing a safe and suitable nesting space, you actively contribute to the conservation of Barn Owls and promote a thriving ecosystem.

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