By choosing our Swift Corner Box, you not only create a safe nesting place for swifts but also actively contribute to their conservation and the preservation of their remarkable migratory lifestyle. Experience the awe-inspiring sight of swifts gracefully soaring through the sky as they find sanctuary in your building’s corners.

Placing Your Swift Corner Box Double:

1. Corner Location: Install the box on the corner of your building. The corners provide natural and secure nesting sites for swifts.

2. Optimal Height: Hang the box at an ideal height, typically around 5 to 7 meters (16 to 23 feet) above the ground. This elevation allows swifts easy access and protection from potential predators.

3. Orientation: Position the Swift Corner Box Double to face an open area with a clear flight path, enabling swifts to effortlessly enter and exit the box during their high-speed flights.

4. Sheltered Position: Choose a location that offers protection from strong winds and direct sunlight, ensuring a comfortable and thermally stable environment inside the box.

5. Obstruction-Free: Ensure there are no obstructions or branches that might impede swifts’ flight path or access to the nesting box, ensuring a clear and unobstructed entry.

Enhance your surroundings with our Swift Corner Box – a dedicated sanctuary for these extraordinary birds. By providing a secure nesting site, you play a vital role in preserving swift populations and witnessing their captivating aerial displays.