Burnet Rose ‘Rosa Pimpinellifolia’ – 2 litre pot
Forms a small compact bush 60-120 cm in height. Flowers of creamy whit...
Dog Rose ‘Rosa canina’ – 2 litre pot or Bare Root
From £10.95
Dog-rose is the most abundant and widespread of our wild rose species,...
Field Rose ‘Rosa arvensis’ – 2 litre pot
Field rose is ideal for rambling through hedges or ground cover, likes...
Hop ‘Humulus lupulus’
Joel recommends Hop as it creates a dense habitat and refuge for a var...
Sweet Briar Rose ‘Rosa eglantaria / Rosa rubiginosa’ – 2 litre pot
Known the common names sweet briar, sweetbriar rose, sweet brier or eg...
Wild Clematis, Traveller’s Joy, Old Man’s Beard ‘Clematis Vitalba’
This beautiful native variety of clematis, can be found scrambling ove...
Wild Honeysuckle ‘Lonicera periclymenum’
From £6.95
Honeysuckle also known as Woodbine.  It is a vigorous deciduous twinin...