Peat Free Statement

Here at Wild Your Garden, we will continue to discuss this topic with our specialist suppliers at great length and in great depth. Whilst at present we are not in a position to claim “100% peat-free”, as we are not the growers, all suppliers are working towards this percentage – however, during our research, even peat-free compost sadly comes with some harm to the wider environment, the excessive amount of clean water used to clean the coconut fibre and the air miles that are needed to transport it worldwide, the composted green waste that can contain weed killers and so on.  However, we can confirm our products are pesticide and herbicide-free and no chemicals are used to treat “weed” species in the growing of these native plants. 

And of course, a wildlife-friendly garden means a balance in nature and no need for pesticides or indeed slug pellets – we agree wholeheartedly regarding the damage to peat bogs, hence our (and our suppliers) intention to find a product that is 100% friendly to the wider environment in its peat-free use, as soon as possible.  It’s a very big picture and realistically unless the entire human race act in a way akin to Jain Monks, we will always have an impact somewhere!  Rest assured we are actively doing our part and in our 16-year long mission to encourage everyone to the garden for wildlife, we hope to continue to mitigate so much loss for so many creatures that we ultimately rely on.

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