Brexit Notice

It is no secret that Brexit has had an impact on plant supplies and this is for many reasons.  

As the HTA and Director of British Garden Centres has stated “It’s the biggest year for demand in the industry’s history, without a doubt, combined with the most complicated supply issues ever,”  “I’ve been working in garden centres for 35 years. I’m born and bred into it. And this is, without a doubt, the most challenging supply year that we’ve ever seen Delphiniums, Lupins and other hardy perennials are hard to come by. Roses, fruit trees and house plants are in short supply. As for garden furniture, and equipment, if you think you can walk into a garden centre today and buy whatever you desire, think again.

According to the Guardian “garden retailers across the UK are facing a “perfect storm” of Brexit and the pandemic, according to the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA). Demand is two to three times higher than normal, thanks to the extra three million people who have taken up gardening during the lockdown.  Meanwhile, supply has fallen by around 50% over the past year.  British garden wholesalers, already hit hard by global supply chain issues, social distancing measures and a shortage of migrant workers, are now battling with new red tape around plant imports from the EU”.  Throw in Brexit-related congestion at British ports and a giant container ship blocking the Suez canal and you end up with a shortage of plants and patio furniture – and a lot of disappointed gardeners.”

To see the full article please see this link:  All is not rosy for UK gardens as Brexit hits supplies and Covid hikes demand | Gardens | The Guardian

Whilst the majority of our plants are British grown, we do ask you to bear with us during these unprecedented times and be assured that we, and our suppliers, are doing out utmost to bring items to you as speedily as possible.

Many thanks,

All of us at Wild Your Garden

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