Plant of the Week – 12/04/21 – Marsh Marigold

An absolute “must” around any of Joel’s pond installations.  Likened to the drinking vessels of kings you will also maybe know it as “King Cup”.  The Latin name Caltha derives from the Greek meaning of “Goblet”.
In the Isle of Man this beautiful plant is still brought into households, previously being strewn across doorsteps as residents believed it to be a good omen when seen in flower.
With very large butter-cup like flowers it is widespread in ponds, wet woodland, ditches and damp meadows and of course marshes, as its name suggests.  It is a great early nectar plant for many insects and the large leaves and clumping form make it an ideal shelter place for frogs and toads.

The Micropterix Calthella moth, more commonly known as the Marsh Marigold Moth is often seen on these blooms, as can be seen in the photo here below – it does seem as though the moth has fashioned a crown out of the nectar provided!

With a height of up to 50cm this is a bold plant for around the edge of a pond and attracts many insects from March through to July. Order yours now from our online store!

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